John Giardino

John is the founder and CEO of UltraCore Supplements, a premier supplement company that provides premium, high-quality natural health products.

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John Giardino


John took up Economics and Finance majors at NYU. While in college, John also played competitive Ice Hockey and served as the Team Captain of the NYU Ice Hockey Team. His competitive edge brought him to the finance capital of the world, New York City, where he worked as a Junior Portfolio Manager for the Legg Mason Wealth Management Division.

Even as a budding player in the world of high finance, John’s inner athlete pushed him to continue training at the gym regularly. His passion and love for fitness brought him to Queens College, where he took up Exercise Physiology Graduate Studies. John’s mutual expertise in the world of business and fitness became the backbone of UltraCore Supplements, and through his leadership, UltraCore Supplements became one of the world’s premier health supplement brands.


Male UltraCore

VI-PEX and STEM combine seamlessly to create Male UltraCore, the most powerful male supplement ever made.

Male UltraCore has become the Gold Standard in male performance by optimizing only the highest quality ingredients designed to lower stress, raise sexual performance and increase test production. Available without a prescription, Male UltraCore is both safe and effective. The unbeatable combination of VI-PEX and STEM technology is just one of many factors that make Male UltraCore the #1 sexual enhancement supplement for men!

Male UltraCore
UltraCore Edge UltraCore Prime
UltraCore Bottles

UltraCore Supplements started in 2014 with a team of 12 members. Today, UltraCore Supplements employs more than 100 employees and independent consultants in three different countries. The company’s flagship supplement, Male UltraCore, is one of the world’s top-performing male performance-enhancing supplement brands, and it currently dominates the membership-based supplement market.



UltraCore Supplements’ formula for success is one that has been tried and tested by the most successful businesses in history.

In any business, consumer trust is where success begins. In order to gain consumer trust, UltraCore Supplements developed a transparent product and value offering that customers can freely research, compare, and evaluate. At the end of the day, consumers should be able to make informed decisions without being misled and coerced in any shape or form. Being a truly transparent and straightforward product made UltraCore Supplements one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

UltraCore Supplements has structured its entire value offering on the notion that loyalty should be mutually beneficial. Loyal customers are rewarded with bonuses and perks that showcase the brand’s appreciation and gratitude for their continued support of the brand.

To be an exceptional supplement brand, UltraCore Supplements created a breakthrough supplement product that is safe, effective, reliable, and affordable. The result is its flagship supplement, Male UltraCore.

Male UltraCore is a breakthrough supplement brand made up of three individual supplement products all formulated to deliver never-before-seen results. This unique product structure ensures that consumers get a much higher concentration of natural performance-enhancing components to produce significant results. Male UltraCore also provides key loyalty perks and benefits not only to maintain customer engagement but also to keep customers on track to success.



Hello, I am John Giardino, proud owner and CEO of Male UltraCore. My greatest passion in life is my family, my second greatest passion is this amazing company. Just like the flagship product we produce, Male UltraCore, every person within the Male UltraCore family is equally as amazing!

It is their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the success of this company that allows us to create a men's performance enhancing supplement that has changed the lives of countess men. Improving their marriages, giving them energy and focus to perform better professionally,and of course improving their physique, as well as enhancing their romantic encounters with their wives or girlfriends.

As much as I would rather talk about the great people of Male UltraCore, here is a little about myself. I believe these are three elements of my life that summarize who I am.

First off, I love business, being an entrepreneur, working within a team to explore an unknown territory, to win and lose battles together, but always finding a way to succeed. In the first year of Male UltraCore, someone on my team said to me, "John, we will do whatever it takes for this company to succeed." It is attitudes like that, that drive me to work hard for those around me, and for those on my team. Business is the ultimate display of competition, and competition breeds greatness, it create progress, and is the biggest reason the United States is the only true world super power, because our natural sense and our fore fathers intuition to create a capitalistic environment, in which people and businesses must advance themselves otherwise they will be left behind. A real-life scenario of "survival of the fittest." This is how I view business, no matter what the business is. You work with your team to beat out your competition. That means making better products, and providing better services to people. Which is a win for everyone, both the business and consumers! Let's keep striving for greatness, by taking our competition head on, by working as a team and finding the way to be on top!

Secondly, I love health and fitness. I think it creates the best natural high possible.One of my influential ice hockey coaches once told me, "when you're looking good, and feeling good, you perform at your best". This is so true, and I believe health and fitness can help you overcome so many of life's challenges, from substance abuse to a difficult divorce, or the loss of a job. Our flagship male performance supplement is designed to increase men's ability to produce free T levels naturally. When men are past their prime their own body's T level production drops, this can happen as early as 25 and advances even more when you turn 30 and 40. For men, T levels are a key component in so many important aspects of life. It can determine your energy levels, your ability to build lean muscle, your metabolism, your endorphins, your mental acuity and of course your sex-drive and libido. I've always believed that getting healthy and fit is such a great way to help you deal with the other tough challenges in life. My love for health and fitness is certainly what motivated me to create and now continue to advance Male UltraCore as a superior company and brand.

And finally what motivates me most is my family.

I have constant support and love in my life.

My wife is the most encouraging woman I have ever met and motivates me to succeed and be strong.

She’s been involved in this business since day one. We’ve shared decades together and have been through hardships and have always come out stronger and happier. Going through life with my positive wife motivates me to work harder and to provide a life for us to be able to grow old together and enjoy our lives as a family.

We sincerely respect each other and give each other the confidence to be able to work hard for our dreams and goals. It’s is an amazing feeling to be able to have a wife that is extremely supportive and has been by my side every step of the way.

Well, that's it for me, I hope this short bio gives you a little insight into the person I truly am. Thanks for reading.